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Who we are

MIKELART's "Dancing Jewelry" line is known and appreciated by prestigious international "Etoiles" and by the world’s largest classical ballet companies. The innovative styles and respect to traditions have contributed to Mikelart’s confirmation as market leader, particularly in terms of research and innovation on which classical ballet always look to. Mikelart is perceived as having quality and elegance.

The philosophy of MIKELART is to offer unique and exclusive masterworks handmade in Italy, with rigid quality controls on the finished products, complete with the certificate of guarantee for the products, keeping with a good balance of quality and price.

MIKELART jewelry is unique and inimitable and is the result of intimate knowledge of dance combined with the goldsmith's art, accurate to the finest detail. The fusion of these two art forms have developed pieces dedicated to ballet, finished to the finest technical detail of the poses giving an intense three dimensional feel, as well as movement and lightness.


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